Diana Bomar, Founder and CEO of Platinum Cargo Logistics,
Announced as Part of the Forbes "50 Over 50" Inaugural List



June 8, 2021


Denver, CO – Diana Bomar, Founder and CEO of Denver-headquartered Platinum Cargo Logistics, is now a part of the Forbes “50 over 50: The New Golden Age” list. As a woman-entrepreneur who launched a multi-million-dollar business when she was in her 60s, Diana is a stellar example of the dedication and verve required to grow a successful business in the mostly male-dominated transportation and logistics industry.


Her inclusion in the Forbes 50 Over 50 List recognizes the hard work and dedication Diana has exhibited in building a customer-service oriented transportation and logistics company since its founding 14 years ago. The list celebrates the contributions women over 50 make to our society and their mentorship of other women to encourage career growth and social change. You can view the complete list at https://www.forbes.com/50over50/ and Diana’s feature at https://www.forbes.com/profile/diana-bomar/?list=50over50&sh=634e985241f4. The list was also featured on NBC’s “Today” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZSRHgaqVJY&t=29s.


Diana commented, “To be considered part of the Forbes 50 over 50 list; among a group of such gifted women, mentors, and resilient leaders; is humbling and reaffirming. Platinum Cargo Logistics is my passion, and you don’t build a company alone. Our success would not have been possible without the commitment of incredible people teams and their contributions to our organization. Their belief is empowering and critical to our continued growth and success.”  


Diana began her career in transportation and logistics customer service when she was a single mother needing to support two small children. From that first role, she moved to sales and was promoted through the ranks, eventually being named VP of Sales & Marketing and leading a national sales force. From there, she became VP of Business Development, recruiting independent business owners to the network. But having reached what many would consider the pinnacle of her career, she wanted a new challenge. In 2003, she joined that network as an independent business owner, and opened Catalyst Solutions, in Denver.  She assembled a team of professionals and nurtured the foundational relationships with customers. 


In 2007, at the age of 61, Diana partnered with three other founders to launch Platinum Cargo Logistics. It grew from the collective industry experience of the founders, leadership teams and mentors, all of whom shared the aspiration to build brides to change in the industry. From four original locations, Platinum Cargo Logistics grew in strength and reputation. Its footprint is now 18 Licensee Offices strong, employing over 144 logistics specialists serving thousands of customers. Those offices are supported by a corporate office comprised of dedicated employee teams and company leadership which make Platinum Cargo the thriving, vibrant and growing company it is today.


This entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take calculated risks led to Platinum Cargo Logistics’ founding is also at the heart of Forbes 50 Over 50 inaugural list. Diana joins luminaries including Vice President Kamala Harris, Shonda Rhimes, Katalin Karikó, and Arianna Huffington in recognition and celebration of the accomplishments of women over 50. Chosen from over 10,000 applicants, Diana is part of a group that is “founding and running companies at scale […], leading movements and changing the world.” Her inclusion celebrates the success of Platinum Cargo Logistics and the impact she has made on so many people.


About Platinum Cargo Logistics, Inc.

Established in 2007, Platinum Cargo Logistics, Inc. is a leader in providing global transportation and logistics services. Headquartered in Denver, CO, Platinum Cargo Logistics uses our extensive, customer-driven solutions, experience and flexible infrastructure to deliver end-to-end management and business to business services for your cargo. We meet the distinctive requirements of your business, and we are deeply committed to serving our customers. For more information about Platinum Cargo Logistics, Inc., visit www.platinumcargologistics.com or call 720-500-2444 or 720-374-3097. 

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