Platinum Cargo Logistics was founded by Diana Bomar in 2007 with three partners: Ray Oleferchik, Bill Mancini and Elliot Trepper. We launched in North America with four offices, located in Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, and South Bend with a goal to “Build Bridges to Change in the Industry by providing a Platinum Experience in Transportation and Logistics Services Globally”.

How many of us wish we could find a company where you don’t get a voicemail every time you call? Where customer service means knowing your customers on a first name basis? Where your word is your bond? With these simple, yet often forgotten values, we set out to lead the industry.

When founding the company, our owners believed Platinum Cargo’s branding had to be unique and different. As Diana looked at competitor websites, she noticed that all the stock photography used looked the same with no distinguishable difference from one company to the next. In 2007, Diana commissioned her late son Gary Lee Bomar to design the logo and art work. She also asked Gary to create the timeless imagery and branding which would represent a new and different company in transportation and logistics.

What Gary produced was hand sketched, art deco renderings of planes, trains, buildings, and cargo ships, which are timeless. This attention to detail also illustrates the personal touch of the services provided to our customers through Platinum Cargo’s employee teams.

Gary Lee tragically passed away in  2015, however he will be remembered for his contribution in designing our logo, and the art work  found on the first few first pages of our website.

We’ve now been in business for over a decade, and as we have grown, our technology and service offerings have grown too. However, the attention to detail and commitment to service that were the guiding principles of our founding remain constant.

We are proud to say most all of the customers who joined us when we founded the company are with us today, and we would like to thank all of our past and present customers for their loyalty and their business.

Yes, the company has grown in the last 10 years; however, the attention to detail and commitment to service remains constant.

Global transportation and logistics solutions have come a long way, but we must not forget the human and personal service excellence. Technology is an important component, and must be robust to support complicated global supply chains; however, it is still a people business, and our people are most important asset in providing Customer Focused Solutions and a Platinum Experience every time you contact us.

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