Our Customs House Brokerage Team provides excellence in servicing our clients’ U.S. customs needs. With 20 years of experience in all aspects of U.S. regulations, we are not simply a “clearing house.”

Our Remote Location Filing ability means we can clear your freight wherever it arrives in the United States. We deliver effective communication with US Customs in all ports and have the ability to assist you in filing for Binding Rulings and Commodity Jurisdictions, saving you time and money.

Our brokerage staff has in-depth experience in dealing with other U.S. Government agencies involved in the Customs Clearance and release process. Whether your product holds FDA, UCC, FCC or any other government entity requirement, we will ensure that all demands are fulfilled and can help you navigate through the Import and Export requirements.

Our main concern and the reason we are in business is you. We provide personalized service that makes a difference to you and to your cargo.

No matter what your import needs may be, we are there with you. As your U.S. Customs Compliance and Import Specialists, we will make sure that your freight is properly cleared.

Our Services include:

  • ACE Export Filing
  • Binding Rulings
  • Consulting
  • Custom Bonds
  • Drawbacks
  • ECCN Classification
  • Electronic Entry Release
  • HTS Classification
  • Informed Compliance
  • ISF Filing
  • Monthly ACH Statements
  • Other Government Agency Releases (i.e. FDA, DOT, Fish & Wildlife, etc.)
  • Pre-Clearance of Entries
  • Reconciliations
  • Remote Location Filing
  • T&E, I.E., and I.T. Services

Learn how we can provide your complete cargo schedule needs.

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